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Sapo All Natural Face Cleanser - Original

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Sapo All Natural with Calendula

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Sapo All Natural with Cucumber

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Sapo All Natural with Echinacea

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Sapo All Natural with Helichrysum

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A very high quality, low-sudsing, botanically-based formulation that reminds me quite a bit of Cetaphil in feel but without all the unpronounceable chemicals that would get absorbed into your skin. Rinses clean without stripping skin of moisture and natural oils. The Echinacea scent is lovely--natural and subtle.


I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, I've use clean and clear, Aveeno positively radiant, lush and plenty other face products and got a allergic reaction but this miracle of a face wash I had zero reaction to. When I first started using the product I only used it around my jaw line because of a possible reaction and worked my way to the center with no reaction luckily. I use Sapo when I shower only and it makes my skin "squeaky" clean and after wards I assume the oils in the product keeps my skin feeling moisturizer and soft. I am recommending this to all my friends, its a great product but its a bit pricy but works very well for me and is worth every penny.


I love this cleanser already! Cleans beautifully leaving my skin soft. The handy pump makes it easy to dispense.