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What does Sapo mean?

The word soap is derived from the Latin word Sapo. The origin of the word sapo begins at Mount Sapo where ancient Romans sacrificed animals as offerings on wooden alters. As the alters burned, the ashes from the wood mixed with the fat from the animals and made its way to nearby streams where locals realized the cleaning effects of this byproduct. Soap gets its Latin name, Sapo, from Mount Sapo. We've gone a long way since these times. Our products are made with plant based oils.

Good Skincare Should Be Affordable

Good skincare should be safe and affordable. Our original and cucumber face cleansers are gentle and made for all skin types.Sapo All Natural face cleansers are made from all natural plant based ingredients that are food grade quality.

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Sapo All Skincare Serum

Whether you are tastefully applying makeup for an elegant wedding, going for an overstated look for a big night out, or scaling back for a more natural day time look, women always like to look their best.

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